VIA Remixes

VIA Remixes
Pingipung 055

Peter Power of the Voodoohop collective from Brazil slows down Bangalore Whispers and adds space, silence, bells, and magic. 

Ground Ground from Osaka (Japan) has embedded a new kick into the title track VIA and delivers a playful session with MD Pallavi's vocals. 

Sundrenched from California focuses on the plucked zith- er strings of Gianna Anna and adds his own guitars and a fresh pulse.

Kirrin Island from Hamburg finds the essence of Kyoto Pebbles: the dialogue of bassline and the bleepy synth lead. Stunning remix work! 

Andi Otto touches his own track Bangalore Whispers again, initially an exclusive re-work for his Pingipung Podcast #76. There's a haunted rave quality to be found in the synth patterns derived from MD Pallavi's vocal solo.

Paradise Hippies are a newcomer DJ and producer duo from Hamburg (Audiolith/Golden Pudel/ILL). Their take on Gianna Anna is a dancefloor hymn with a perfect disco bassline towards the end. 

AkizzBeatzz from Athens remixes VIA. He takes the poly- rhythmical vocals of the original and melts them into the grids of his easy flow with a soft kick: a perfect warm-up track. 

Lorin Strohm (of Me Succeeds) deconstructs the instru- mentals of Bangalore Whispers and finds a new hookline in the pitched Indian samples. 

Bug Lover from Hamburg turns Kyoto Pebbles into a massive drone counterpoint of modular synths and Indian saxophone samples. Massive remix which abducts the track to a ride through a foggy night. 

Finally, Et Kin (of Farfara) from Berlin creates a wonderful slowhouse version of Dharti Cash Puke, stripping all the hilarious echoes and sparks o the original and adding a sober plucked strings theme. 

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