Various Artists – Kami Eins

Various Artists – Kami Eins
Pingipung 02

As our first compilation, "Kami Eins" explored some directions our label could go to after the kick-off. And as we found out, there are many, sometimes converging in one single track. While  Springintgut anticipates the calmer, more serious face of Pingipung in his very first composition, James Din A4’s stumbling Reggae or Peter Presto’s swaying version of the "Super Mario Bros." theme represent the cute, anarchic side of the label. Additionally, there are two experimental, yet playful pieces by Schwimmen Tanzen Kirmes, a dark drone track by French noise artist Tzii, and a marvellously ga-ga contribution by Miss Emily, crafted in the course of an hour with cheap MIDI standard sounds. Instead of one sonic territory with clear borders, with this second release we realize: Pingipung are many. So be it!


“Weil einfach alle 7 Tracks Killer sind.” (de:bug)

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