Sven Kacirek – The Palmin Sessions

Sven Kacirek – The Palmin Sessions
Pingipung 11

If strength is born in tranquility, Sven Kacirek is a heavyweight. With tubular bells, wooden Marimba or brushed papers he creates contemplative ambiences that are one-of-a-kind. Despite the relaxed manner of his music, it is far from sounding simply compliant. Beneath the peaceful surface lurk hand-played, poly-rhythmical structures, which sometimes stutter and crackle, and thus build up tension with their harmonic environment. No matter how densely woven Sven Kacirek's music is getting, he keeps all layers of percussion transparent. Although it is brimming with details, this record is at the same time an example for the art of omission. For instance, Sven completely left out bass lines in some of the pieces. It is all the more impressive to witness the profound deepness of his unique trademark sound.


“Kacirek´s frantic drumming is really a pure pleasure to listen to ... it features metallic and wooden percussive instruments joined together in a deeply meditative study.” (foxy digitalis)


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