Springintgut – Where We Need No Map

Springintgut – Where We Need No Map
Pingipung 37

This third Album by "Springintgut" focuses on the cello.

Andi Otto has developed a system in the past years in which he can play the digital processes of the cello sound directly, with the help of movement sensors on the cello bow. He recorded countless sessions during the tours with this instrument (called "Fello"), then edited and produced them in his studio in Hamburg.

Field recordings from Japan and India as well as the relaxed voice of Jahcoozi's voice Sasha Perera add an unrivaled depth to the playful Springintgut sound.

"Where We Need No Map" points to the paradox of unknown territory which is nevertheless familiar ground, a beautiful metaphor for Springintgut's explorations of the potential love affair between cello and electronics.

LP and CD. Artwork by Jochen Ruderer.


"... in fact the cello is not always recognizable as such as, so you wonder what it all does all the time here. Bouncing, jumpy and plain fun. Excellent release of excitement." (FdW in Vital Weekly)

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