Goto80 – Made on Internet

Goto80 – Made on Internet
Pingipung 13

Swedish Anders Carlsson is a small legend already. Bold words – but who else can claim for himself to have been nominated for a "Lifetime Achievement Award" at the age of 28? Carlsson aka Goto80 has been composing electronic music with the old fashioned Commodore C-64 computer as his central production device for many years. On this record, Goto80 takes the mic in his hands, for the first time. Error Energy! His voice as well as his 8Bit beats were left unedited in most of the songs on "Made on Internet", featuring the pure, real, and mono C-64 bleeps. It may sound rough, but within the given very limited medial framework this is most impressive, both technically and aesthetically. The CD comes with an additional data part containing a truely weird karaoke machine.


“There's 11 tracks of crude, electro-chip tunes that have been regurgitated from the belly of an old C64 - incorporating sleazy elements of glam, dirty electro-funk and taboo video game cliches. A fantastic album. One for you degenerate coin-op perverts.” (Warpmart)

“If you're in for a slightly wack house party, 'Made on Internet' is just the right thing.” (foxy digitalis)

“Ich glaube, die einzige wirklich futuristische Platte der Welt.” (Das Dosierte Leben)


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