A.J. Holmes – Summer Of Seven 4/7

A.J. Holmes – Summer Of Seven 4/7
Pingipung 26

A )"The Very Best: Mama (A.J. Holmes Version)"

B) "Xylitol: Alomo (A.J. Holmes Version)"

Peaktime! This one definitely qualifies as a summer record. A.J. Holmes is the self-titled “King Of The New Electric Hi-Life“. Every Pingipung fan knows that, his album was one of the most successful on the label. After moving back to London three years ago the guitarist and DJ has co-built a scene of weekly African parties, and a band called “The Hackney Empire“. For the series he contributes two remixes which are simply made for the month of July.


"Summer Of Seven" is a 7inch series.
From April to October 2011 we release one single each month, because that's how long a summer lasts in Hamburg. Featuring fresh, unreleased, single-quality tracks by the Pingipung artists Springintgut, Peter Presto, Hey, AJ Holmes, Goto80, Iso68, and James DinA4. The SOS artwork comes from C.I.Alex (Golden Pudel Club Hamburg). Each release is strictly limited to 200 copies.

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