Andi Otto – VIA Remixes

Andi Otto – VIA Remixes
Pingipung 055

Peter Power of the Voodoohop collective from Brazil slows down Bangalore Whispers and adds space, silence, bells, and magic. 

Ground Ground from Osaka (Japan) has embedded a new kick into the title track VIA and delivers a playful session with MD Pallavi's vocals. 

Sundrenched from California focuses on the plucked zith- er strings of Gianna Anna and adds his own guitars and a fresh pulse.

Kirrin Island from Hamburg finds the essence of Kyoto Pebbles: the dialogue of bassline and the bleepy synth lead. Stunning remix work! 

Andi Otto touches his own track Bangalore Whispers again, initially an exclusive re-work for his Pingipung Pod- cast #76. There's a haunted rave quality to be found in the synth patterns derived from MD Pallavi's vocal solo.

Paradise Hippies are a newcomer DJ and producer duo from Hamburg (Audiolith/Golden Pudel/ILL). Their take on Gianna Anna is a dancefloor hymn with a perfect disco bassline towards the end. 

AkizzBeatzz from Athens remixes VIA. He takes the poly- rhythmical vocals of the original and melts them into the grids of his easy flow with a soft kick: a perfect warm-up track. 

Lorin Strohm (of Me Succeeds) deconstructs the instru- mentals of Bangalore Whispers and finds a new hookline in the pitched Indian samples. 

Bug Lover from Hamburg turns Kyoto Pebbles into a massive drone counterpoint of modular synths and Indian saxophone samples. Massive remix which abducts the track to a ride through a foggy night. 

Finally, Et Kin (of Farfara) from Berlin creates a wonderful slowhouse version of Dharti Cash Puke, stripping all the hilarious echoes and sparks o the original and adding a sober plucked strings theme. 

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