Welcome on the Info-Page about GOTO80 and the Pingipung 13 "Made on Internet"

Release: October 22, 2007

Goto80 is Anders Carlsson from Sweden who has been an active member of the demoscene since 1993, producing 8Bit-music with an early Gamecomputer's very limitated Soundchip: the C64 SID-Chip.

- As a teaser to the Pingipung 13 DATAPART which will be on the CD as an EXTRA, we present a goto80 karaoke video previewing a Remix of the Karaoke Machine !!


The demoscene is a subculture from the 1980's where groups of people compete with audiovisual productions, so-called "demos". Some demos are only communicated within the scene, they are strictly based on complex programming to reach beyond the machine's limitations.

Below you find some demos with GOTO80's music that aims beyond the Chip's technical boundaries, in a way that is also appealing to the curious world outside the demoscene.

These demos are meant to be executed on the real hardware, but emulators also do a decent job nowadays.

For more infos and a complete list of goto80's contributions to the international demoscene go here !!

How to watch the demos:

C64 demos:
1. Download and install the binary version of VICE
2. Start the software and in the Options-pulldown menu set True Drive Emulation to ON
3. Download the demos, unzip them and drop them into the emulator

Gameboy demos:
1. Download and install KiGB:
2. Download and unzip the demos
3. Press "Load ROM" in KiGB and click the name of the demo

Sharp by Fairlight+Instinct (C64, 2007)

One of the most eerie C64-demos ever, with fractal trees and psychotic effects.
Fairlight is one of the most notorious demo/cracker groups and celebrated their 20th anniversary on the release of this demo.

Deep Throat by Durex (C64, 2007)

Now you can get a full movie on a cassette! The movie Deep Throat was put on cassette to be played on your C64 cassetteplayer. It shows the whole movie in 2 colours, with subtitles. This has never happened before.
Change colours and effect with the F-keys.

The music is never identical through out this 1 hour movie.

Demotronic by 1.000.000 BOYS (Gameboy, 2002)

Often called the best Gameboy demo ever, this production shows effects and design way beyond previous demos and games. This is also the only time music made with the legendary Gameboy software LSDJ has been seen in demos.
Press any key to jump to the next part.

Emission by Triad (C64, 2001)

Triad is another legendary group from the 1980's, and this demo is a short and stylish work that is not super technical, but has a nice atmosphere.

more music of goto80 in SID-File-Format can be found in the HIGH VOLTAGE SID COLLECTION, on myspace.com/goto80 and on his homepage goto80.com