Shipping Info

We ship within three working days.

In addition to the record costs, we charge the following for shipment:

Germany / EU: 4,00 € (no shipping fees if you order goods for more than 30 €)

Outside EU: As the shipping fees differ a lot when shipping to countries outside of the EU, we will get in touch with you after your order with a fair offer of how to handle the costs. We will of course deduct the charges for shipping by 4,00 € (the amount set in the paypal-system), and we will only ship if you agree on the costs.

Why we decide to use Paypal

We decide to use the shopping cart system provided by paypal, as this offers several benefits for you: You can choose options how to pay, you have extended cost-control as well as an immediate calculation for your local currency. On top of that, you don't have to share sensible data, such as your account details or credit card number with another party, except paypal, which has proven to be safe in the past. By the way, you don't have to have your own Paypal account to pay bills over the Paypal system.

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