Various Artists – Schubfladen #1

Various Artists – Schubfladen #1
Pingipung 07

Mike Witschi, founder of the chiptunes label  "Musikfladen" picked an image of Lueneburg's splendid main street “Am Sande” for the cover artwork of his first compilation. Proof of some likable local patriotism, this kid loves his home, and so do we, the (meanwhile ex-Lueneburg) labelheads of Pingipung. That’s why we put out this vinyl single with four fantastic tracks in cooperation. As the tiny, pixelated turtle from the video game “Super Mario Kart” cruising “Am Sande” suggests: Music-wise, we are not just dealing with the sound of Lueneburg here. Sweet video game melodies interpreted with punky do-it-yourself attitude clash with electronic pop music. Elsewhere, this may present itself as a fancy style-mix, here it simply happens, in a way it only can in the countryside. Featuring: Exclusive tracks by Mister Tingle and Naomi Sample & The Go-Go Ghosts.


  1. A Boy and his SID – Ninja Kornjace
  2. Firestarter – Tomaten
  3. Naomi Sample & the Gogo Ghosts – Nacken 1,99
  4. Mister Tingle – Love.dll
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