Vanishing Breed – Between Arrival And Departure

Vanishing Breed – Between Arrival And Departure
Pingipung 08

Self-praise stinks, but in this case Pingipung have been rather ahead of their time. If we had released this album a few years later, it would probably be recognized on a much larger scale today, looking at the hype around bands such as Vampire Weekend. At the time the songs of "Between Arrival..." were written, in 2004, they indeed seemed slightly weird and geeky in their blend of African folklore and Lofi-electronics. The critics obviously loved it however. Whenever the songs about distance and closeness, leaving and arriving threaten to get too romantic, Holmes manages to shake up the arrangement, constantly challenging us to listen beyond his warm voice and those pleasant Hi-Life guitars. This is one of the rare examples of an album that immediately finds its way into your ear but still have enough surprises on offer after a dozen listens. We bow before this record.


“This is an album that genuinely refreshes, tickles synapses, touches familiar bases in unfamiliar ways and in new combinations and that's why it's a joy to listen to.” (unpeeled)

“Intrigante e intelligente.” (Blow up) 

“'Between Arrival and Departure' is sometimes melancholic, other times an outright summer album to be listened to on a sunny day on the beach. (...) There´s a lot of situations like crossing the ocean on a plane or entering the moving truck before you move to a different city that I imagine 'Between Arrival and Departure' to be perfect for.”(foxydigitalis)

“Könnte Brian Eno gefallen.” (Rolling Stone)

“Album des Jahres!” (Die Zeit)

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