The Quasi Dub Development - Little-Twister vs. Stiff-Neck

The Quasi Dub Development - Little-Twister vs. Stiff-Neck
Pingipung 40

The Quasi Dub Development (QDD) has been founded as a collective four years ago by Luca Fadda and F.S. Blumm. After “Limousine To The Guillotine” (2011) their second album is now out on Pingipung.

The QDD love Dub, obviously, but they play it by hand with their many instruments and effects, instead of working in the studio along the classic post production methods of the genre. Their friendly, handmade „Quasi Dub“ is at the same time experimental and accessible.

This sound has convinced none less than a pioneer of the Dub genre, Lee 'Scratch' Perry, to make an appearance in “Let's Communicate”.

The name of the album is initiated from two comic characters, that are meant as an ironic comment to the narrowness of the Dub scene: “Stiff-Neck”  stands for the intolerant side of the reggae music scene. For him, the music has to stay as it always was, with big egos and always the same off beats. The “Little-Twister” is a lateral thinker who likes to make things happen with a dash of humor. No question who is going to win that battle for the Quasi Dub Development...


Guest vocals on this record by:
Lady Ann: Vocals on "Press Pass, "Walk the Money" and "Wolf Wolf"
Lee "Scratch" Perry: Vocals on "Let's communicate"

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