Sven Kacirek – Scarlet Remix EP

Sven Kacirek – Scarlet Remix EP
Pingipung 35

The Remixes for Sven Kacireks solo album are here! Robert Lippok, Opiate, Stefan Schneider, RSS Disco, F.S. Blumm and Peter Presto earth the "Scarlet Pitch Dreams" with kick and bass, or simply dream them anew. In the mp3 release, two more mixes by Springintgut and Rotaphon are included. Vinyl and download only. Artwork by hellodarling.

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Robert Lippok (To Rococo Rot, Raster Noton) turns the title track into a balearic sunshine dance until the voice and synthlines evoke a deep and driving witchhouse atmosphere. Absolutely awesome remix!

Opiate aka Thomas Knak from Denmark (Morr Music) is one of Pingipung's favourite artists in the world and we're very happy to have his remix included here. His highly individual syncopating beat works dive into the pool of Sven's percussions, with the snare and marimba always in the foreground.

Stefan Schneider (aka Mapstation, To Rococo Rot) delivers a delicious dub version of “About Me And You”. In fact, Stefan Schneider and Sven Kacirek are in the beginnings of their musical collaboration, producing one album for Honest Jon's later in the year and playing gigs together.

RSS Disco & Sugarwater (Mireia Rec) transform snippets of the voice and marimba patterns of the title track into a disco track. RSS Disco are well-known as an enchanting DJ-trio. We're very happy to hear that they are talented producers as well.

F.S. Blumm (Morr Music) adds nothing but his characteristic guitar to the “Scarlet Pitch dreams” vocals of Jana Plewa. No question it's a perfect match: the two make the duo “Old Splendifolia” and have released one beautiful album on the Plop Imprint.

Peter Presto finally remixes “About Me And You” in the best of his humours. The guy who made the first Pingipung record ten years ago (yes, it's our anniversary!) always has one other melody to add. Happy go lucky style, we like!

In the mp3 release, two more remixes are featured: Springintgut (Pingipung, City Centre Offices) knocks on the woods of “Possibly You Find Our Own” (his new album will be out on Pingipung in early 2013 by the way), and Rotaphon (Soundblocks / TAU) adds his chopped beatworks to the title track.

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