Sven Kacirek – Scarlet Pitch Dreams

Sven Kacirek – Scarlet Pitch Dreams
Pingipung 32

This third album by Sven Kacirek on Pingipung is nothing but his best one yet, we say. 

Whilst "The Kenya Sessions", Sven's bestseller from 2011, revealed fruitful collaborations with Kenyan musicians, almost every single instrument on "Scarlet Pitch Dreams" has been played, recorded and produced by the composer himself. Within these dreamy scéances of percussive virtuosity, Sven Kacirek has effortlessly found his original sound – from the first whirring of the prepared grand in the opener to the massively rolling drumset crescendo in the last track.

Featured guests on this record are Jana Plewa (Old Splendifolia, The Kat Cosm) on  vocals, and Johannes Huth (Efim Jourist, Anthony Braxton) and John Eckhardt (Alvin Lucier, Evan Parker) on upright bass.

Artwork by Hello Darling.

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