Springintgut – Springintgut EP

Springintgut – Springintgut EP
Pingipung 03

Only debut records can be this bluntly happy. The first release by Springintgut is the magnificent result of a long winter during which Andreas Otto first got in touch with electronic music production. As a trained drummer and cellist, he discovered a new sound universe through his computer and so he made this record just with a few samples, a glockenspiel and a borrowed synth. Due to his lucky lack of education in the field of electronic music, these tracks not only sound pretty unconventional and cheeky, but radiate – notwithstanding all experiments - infectiously high spirits.


“Schwer tapsend und leichtfüßig trippelig drückt Springintgut jedem ein Lächeln rein. Au fein. Prost!” (de:bug)

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