Springintgut – Posten 90

Springintgut – Posten 90
Pingipung 04

Some records are strongly linked to the location of their creation. "Posten 90" is a clear example of this. Its title is the street address of the house in the forest near Lueneburg which Andreas Otto chose as his home and studio location right before he started working on this album. Apart from a few sheep, some joggers and a regional train that rarely passes the house, this place is an outpost of calm. This environment has been highly conducive to the development of even more detailed structures in Springintgut's music compared to his first EP. Brimming with rhythmical and melodic layers, there is enough room for a melancholic cello to remind us of Otto’s musical backgrounds. With all this naturromantik, this could not be Springintgut unless there wasn't a lot of hilarity and party vibes, too, in tracks such as "Abbr.Dec." or "Ohm Rodeo".


“Alles quietscht, juchzt, hüpft und springt. So wie Herr Springintgut bei seinen Konzerten. Kaufen, auflegen und vorne sein.” (de:bug)


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