Peter Presto – Schön, dass Du mal wieder reinhörst…

Peter Presto – Schön, dass Du mal wieder reinhörst…
Pingipung 09

Many have been waiting for this record, and with good reason. This first longplayer by Peter Presto is a cornucopia of summer feeling. Oscillating in between hilarity and laid-backness this record unifies roots of Ska, Dub, and German Schlager. Nothing is too serious for Peter Presto. Whistling makes the world go round. But the album goes beyond feel-good music. In many of Peter’s innocent melodies we can find traces of weltschmerz, a certain gloom that adds depth and grandeur to his music. The limited vinyl edition of this album comes as a collection of four 7" singles, including a MP3 download code. It contains the exclusive dub-adaptation of a speech by Bavarian former autocrat Edmund Stoiber, that earned Peter Presto good laughter and applause from German magazines.


“Good summer albums are hard to find. Quite often, people just try too hard to sound light, easy and fresh at the same time, which results in something sounding the exaxt opposite. The new album by Peter Presto on the other hand is one of those rare successful summer records.” (foxydigitalis)

“This album is our secret ´Gute Laune´ weapon. Hailing from Germany´s North, Peter Presto delivers nothing less than the cutest record of the season!” (Kompakt-MP3 News)


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