Peter Presto – Es ist Sommer EP

Peter Presto – Es ist Sommer EP
Pingipung 01

In the beginning there was a tiny yellow vinyl record, with self-designed artwork and self-recorded songs, released into the world through a self-coded website. The only thing Nils Dittbrenner, founder of Pingipung, could obviously not do himself, was carry his first Peter Presto record into the shops. It was a strike of luck that he found an enthusiastic partner in Cologne’s techno distributor Kompakt, who would disperse copies of this little record for him all over the world. It contains four dub tracks, recorded during summer, on the French coast, on portable devices. Peter Presto is a vocoder vocalist whose merry melodies draw lovely lines, always paying love and respect to dub.


“Und ein Vocoder singt von sich aus 'Es ist Sommer'. So soll es sein.” (testcard)

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