Mister Tingle – Mister Tingle EP

Mister Tingle – Mister Tingle EP
Pingipung 05

Where others need a full Album, Mister Tingle contents himself with four and a half tracks. Fascinated with the sound research of Clicks&Cuts, but donning a hiphop cap rather than a mortarboard, label co-owner Markus Engel creates his own kind of music, at the same time familiar and unique: dubby, blurry sound clouds are grounded in subsonic bass, and fragile, precise drums that get the whole thing going. But Mister Tingle’s music has more to offer than mere sound-aesthetics: on tracks like "Freundschaft mit Anfassen" his catchy melodies transform its electronica-fx showcase into awesome pieces of pop music.



“Freundschaft mit Anfassen ist international genug, um auch ohne Worte verstanden zu werden. Das Wippen mit dem Knie. Die Hand auf deiner Hüfte.” (Spex)

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