James Din A4 – Fistel Rose Power

James Din A4 – Fistel Rose Power
Pingipung 14

Following his contributions to our compilations, "Fistel Rose Power" is our first full-length collaboration with James Din A4, head of the stumble-techno label "Esel". We share territorial roots in northern Germany as well as a passion for playful electronic music in small editions, same as our mutual distribution partner Kompakt. After his record "Altes Lego" in 2000 we were dedicated fans of his weirdish, yet pushing interpretation of Techno. His output only appeared on small vinyl editions, handmade and hard to get, so James Din A4 never really got the attention he deserved. This is how we came up with the idea to release a selection of his best work, in a elaborate artwork. The tracks were carefully digitized and remastered. It was worth it: the result is nothing less than a monument for one of the greatest artists we know.


“Great, way underappreciated stuff from beginning to end.” (othermusic)


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