Iso68 – Summer Of Seven 6/7

Iso68 – Summer Of Seven 6/7
Pingipung 28

A: Centralia

B: Run Run Run

Iso 68 are the masters of Electronica as we love it, using their studio for instrumental live recordings and DSP Power. These two tracks don't boast with FX and they're rather coy beauties, but once let in to the ear they'll quickly find their shortcut to the heart!

"Summer Of Seven" is a 7inch series.
From April to October 2011 we release one single each month, because that's how long a summer lasts in Hamburg. Featuring fresh, unreleased, single-quality tracks by the Pingipung artists Springintgut, Peter Presto, Hey, AJ Holmes, Goto80, Iso68, and James DinA4. The SOS artwork comes from C.I.Alex (Golden Pudel Club Hamburg). Each release is strictly limited to 200 copies.


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