F.S. Blumm – Up Up And Astray

F.S. Blumm – Up Up And Astray
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Frank Schültge aka F.S. BLUMM has released his melodic experiments around the acoustic guitar for over 15 years. In their contemplative reduction they miraculously always hit right in the heart. „The man makes some damn charming music“, Pitchfork said about his last album.
With Up Up And Astray F.S. BLUMM proves that he doesn't opt for routine with his eighth full-length solo release: his unfailing arsenal of acoustic instruments and connaisseur circuits frame the most energetic BLUMM sound we have seen so far.
The album title perfectly describes its energy. F.S. BLUMM returns from a six years hiatus as solo artist in which he has “rehearsed and learned, multiplied and lost track on purpose”. F.S. BLUMM is many now, and he is absolutely present to us. It all goes on, and always up, and from there into unknown dimensions. He goes astray in the word's finest meaning. And he goes up up, not as a sweaty HarderBetterFasterStronger, but with BLUMM's steady, heart-felt pling of the acoustic guitar. With his tin cookie box, through which he plays back his sounds in order to re-record them, with his double bass, his keys and kalimba.
F.S. BLUMM is back from the musical travels of his collaborations. He took the roles of a bass player with the Quasi Dub Development, a classical guitarist with Old Splendifolia, a songwriter with Bobby And Blumm, a sonic researcher with Nils Frahm and a manic, extrovert Dub mash-up DJ as King Hobby. What he has experienced on these musical field trips he now returns to his solo project. Here's the best bit: F.S. BLUMM sings! Through that very cookie box, which sounds in fact like an exquisite vintage amp.
Together with his various guest musicians (most notably Ella Blixt “Bobby Baby” (It's a Musical) on vocals), F.S. BLUMM achieves to further define his subtle and unique sonic identity between classical guitar and electronic production.

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