Andi Otto – Bangalore Whispers (feat. MD Pallavi)

Andi Otto – Bangalore Whispers (feat. MD Pallavi)
Pingipung 52

Andi Otto (also known as Springintgut) and MD Pallavi, a singer from South India, release their first collaborative track as a limited 7inch and download.

MD Pallavi is a singer and one of the most prominent protagonists of the traditional music scene in and around Bangalore. Andi Otto (aka Springintgut) has collaborated with her in the past years in various theatre productions, and here they reveal their first track.

Otto's composition for “Bangalore Whispers” creates the backbone for Pallavi's virtuoso performance of carnatic (traditional South-Indian) syllables. The track pulses on 95 bpm with an organic cluster of piano and cello strings, over which the vocals erupt in a mesmerizing vocal solo in the middle of the track.

The B-side “6-6-6-5” is made exclusively for this 7inch release. It builds upon a one-line-sample from a vintage Indian movie soundtrack and amplifies this energy into a euphoric rhythm to which Otto bows the strings of a Psalterium (a beautiful east european string instrument, which Otto plays with two bows. It actually sounds similar to a sitar, when it's plucked).

Prelisten here

Andi Otto: Bangalore Whispers (feat. MD Pallavi) from Pingipung Records on Vimeo.

Official Video by Noriaki Okamoto and Ryosuke Kikuchi
Music: Andi Otto | Voice: MD Pallavi
Direction & Camera: Noriaki Okamoto & Ryosuke Kikuchi | Featuring: Masumi Saito

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