A.J. Holmes – The King of the New Electric Hi-Life

A.J. Holmes – The King of the New Electric Hi-Life
Pingipung 12

Only recently still a Vanishing Breed, now claiming royalty: A.J. Holmes, "King Of The New Electric Hi-Life", presents his new album under his real name, no longer hiding behind his humble pseudonym. Holmes has found his musical identity, and stays with it. For him, it's a time for refining his self-invented genre, rather than heading to new horizons. His West-African Hi-Life guitar pickings meet his beautiful lyrics, all passed through the circuits of his electronic studio in London. This blend is unique, and has recently been featured enthusiastically on TV, in Arte Television's "Tracks". No question, this guy is hot. His record combines rhythmically bewitching dance tracks ("Lumumba Berlin Sex City"), ear-catching pop melodies ("For Export Only") and beautiful heart-warming love songs ("Nino"). Vanishing Breed is extinct, long live the King!


“Locker, flockig, elegant.” (Spex)

“Wer auch immer diese Platte hört, wird Freude finden.” (Intro)

“Es funktioniert! Und tut gar nicht weh!” (Süddeutsche Zeitung)

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