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Umeko Ando – Ihunke Remixes (2018)

Here are eleven remixes for Umeko Ando's "Ihunke". Artists such as Nicolá Cruz, M.RUX, Andi Otto, Urubu Marinka, El Búho and more put their producer hands on the psychedelic folklore songs from the north of Japan. 12'' and DL out on DEC 14th 2018, pre-orders are running now.

Pingipung Podcast von Peter Presto

[06.11.2014] The 50th podcast in this series is a special one, of course. Peter Presto aka Nils Dittbrenner is the label founder, who released the very first record on Pingipung, a cute yellow 7“ back in 2002. [more]

Pingipung Podcast by Springintgut & F.S. Blumm

[08.10.2014] Originally, all they wanted was to record one mutual track for their Japan tour in spring 2014. But now Springintgut & F.S. Blumm have readied a whole album. And a brilliant podcast, too. [more]

Pingipung Podcast by Ya Tosiba

[02.09.2014] A new release on Pingipung always comes in company of a new podcast. Make your subwoofer ready. [more]

Introducing Ya Tosiba!

[29.08.2014] On Sept 8th we will release the ace double A-side Single "Mollah The Machine" by Ya Tosiba! Prelisten on Soundcloud now. [more]

Pingipung Podcast by Chez Mieke

[08.07.2014] Pingipung gets another musical visit from East Germany. [more]

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