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Hey-Ø-Hansen – Die Sonn und der Mond (2018)

Hey-Ø-Hansen's wonderful hit "Die Sonn und der Mond" finally sees its release as a 7inch Single! Release date is October 5th 2018, pre-orders running now.

Pingipung Podcast by sdfkt.

[02.04.2015] sdfkt. is a key player of the electronic music scene in Hamburg for several decades now. He is part of Music For Our Children (MFOC) who host the legendary sunday nights at the Golden Pudel Club. [more]

Pingipung Podcast by Candie Hank

[09.03.2015] The Candyman is back with a vengeance. Expect a brand-new remix for Pingipung very soon. First up: this ever bouncing podcast. [more]

Podcast by Mme Bing

[10.02.2015] Mme Bing aka Andrea Wienck from the Pingipung crew returns with 48 minutes full of exotic, jazzy, bossa tunes. So wonderful. [more]

Podcast by Felde

[08.01.2015] All the best for 2015 from the Pingipung-crew! The first podcast of the new year comes from Felde, our man in Chemnitz. [more]

Podcast by SpatzHabibi

[10.12.2014] We are delighted to present our friends from Berlin: SpatzHabibi. Nobody we know bought as many great records in the last years as Sophie Funke and Pete Littlewood. [more]

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