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Umeko Ando – Ihunke (2018)

Umeko Ando (1932-2004) was a folk singer from Japan. Ihunke is her first album which she has recorded with the Ainu musician and dub producer Oki Kano in 2000. This re-release of Ihunke is the first time that Umeko Ando’s music is available on vinyl (DL included). 2LP out on AUG 31 2018, preorders now.

FS BLUMMBASTIC Feat. Hey: A feast in Dub

[04.09.2015] Our release party for FS Blummbastic and Hey at the Golden Pudel Club in Hamburg on Sept 16th 2015 [more]

5 years of Pingipung Podcasts

[31.08.2015] Time flies when you’re having fun. This is already the 60th Pingipung Podcast, which means it’s our fifth birthday, hurray! [more]

Ya Tosiba RMXs Release Party

[27.05.2015] We will party this release. May 29th 2015 10pm at ACUD in Berlin: Ya Tosiba (live)/ RSS Disco (DJ)/ Springintgut (DJ)/ Fog Puma (DJ) [more]

Podcast by Love-Songs

[28.04.2015] Love-Songs is one of the most exciting new bands from our hometown Hamburg. And we don't just say this, because Sebastian Kokus from the Pingipung crew is involved. [more]

Nice Price at Kompakt

[13.04.2015] Our distributor sends some love with this new niceprice feature. "One of the most versatile labels around", they say. We say, this is the time to complete your Pingipung collection. [more]

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