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Umeko Ando – Ihunke Remixes (2018)

Here are eleven remixes for Umeko Ando's "Ihunke". Artists such as Nicolá Cruz, M.RUX, Andi Otto, Urubu Marinka, El Búho and more put their producer hands on the psychedelic folklore songs from the north of Japan. 12'' and DL out on DEC 14th 2018, pre-orders are running now.

FS BLUMMBASTIC Feat. Hey: A feast in Dub

[04.09.2015] Our release party for FS Blummbastic and Hey at the Golden Pudel Club in Hamburg on Sept 16th 2015 [more]

5 years of Pingipung Podcasts

[31.08.2015] Time flies when you’re having fun. This is already the 60th Pingipung Podcast, which means it’s our fifth birthday, hurray! [more]

Ya Tosiba RMXs Release Party

[27.05.2015] We will party this release. May 29th 2015 10pm at ACUD in Berlin: Ya Tosiba (live)/ RSS Disco (DJ)/ Springintgut (DJ)/ Fog Puma (DJ) [more]

Podcast by Love-Songs

[28.04.2015] Love-Songs is one of the most exciting new bands from our hometown Hamburg. And we don't just say this, because Sebastian Kokus from the Pingipung crew is involved. [more]

Nice Price at Kompakt

[13.04.2015] Our distributor sends some love with this new niceprice feature. "One of the most versatile labels around", they say. We say, this is the time to complete your Pingipung collection. [more]

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