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Andi Otto – VIA Remixes (2017)

Eleven international artist (Peter Power, DJ Ground, Et Kin, Kirrin Island, and more) replay five tracks of Andi Otto's VIA in these well-inspired remixes. Digital only.

7inch by Herler: Pudel verkafft

[19.11.2015] "Imagine, the Pudel will be sold", sings Herler of Hey-Ø-Hansen, under the dooming circumstances of a forced sale of the Golden Pudel Club in Hamburg. Imagine: The Download will be free. [more]

Podcast by Agnieszka Krzeminska & Sven Kacirek

[13.11.2015] On his new album „Songs From Okinawa“ Sven Kacirek searches for traces of a unique, traditional music of the famous Pacific islands in the south of Japan. His Pingipung Podcast even adds another layer to his journey. He compiled it with Agnieszka Krzeminska, who’s also responsible for the great „Songs From Okinawa“-video material. You will hear traditional music from Okinawa, japanese pop songs taken from vintage 7“-vinyl and, of course, a taste of the new album. [more]

Sven Kacirek on "songs from okinawa"

[10.11.2015] At the end of November 2015 we will release the new album by Sven Kacirek, "Songs From Okinawa". We have produced a short documentary in which the multi instrumentalist explains about his collaborations with traditional musicians from the South Japanese islands. [more]

Podcast by Marco Costanza

[29.09.2015] It’s a premiere! You might recognize this face from countless dj-sets, from former Sorry Entertainer-appearances or from gigs of the Sutsche-collective. But this is actually his first public mix. And what a great one it is! [more]

FS BLUMMBASTIC Feat. Hey: A feast in Dub

[04.09.2015] Our release party for FS Blummbastic and Hey at the Golden Pudel Club in Hamburg on Sept 16th 2015 [more]

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