Latest Record

Umeko Ando – Atuy So Kata (2019)

Patric Catani (aka Candie Hank, aka Ill Till) remixes "Atuy So Kata". 7'' and digital release on JAN 18 2019.

Podcast by Stefan Schneider

[05.04.2016] We were fans of Stefan Schneider already, long before we started Pingipung. For his podcast Schneider listened to lots of old tapes from his hometown Düsseldorf. Some were a copy of a copy of a copy. Enjoy his mix of these gems, many of them almost completely unknown. [more]

Video for "Bangalore Whispers"

[07.03.2016] Official Video by Noriaki Okamoto and Ryosuke Kikuchi || Music: Andi Otto, Voice: MD Pallavi || Pingipung 052 || Direction & Camera: Noriaki Okamoto & Ryosuke Kikuchi || Featuring: Masumi Saito (Dance) [more]

Podcast by Heiko Gogolin

[07.03.2016] The cofounder of Pingipung and the curator of the Pingipung Podcast series finally returns with a mix of his own. Yabba dubba doo! [more]

Podcast by Hannes Teichmann

[03.02.2016] After the smooth mix of his brother Andi three years ago we now present Hannes Teichmann (festplatten, Berlin). His Pingiphonics include several tracks, remixes or collaborations of the Gebrüder Teichmann themself and some gems from our label catalogue. [more]

Podcast by DJ soFa

[04.01.2016] Happy new year everyone! Thanks for all the love and support you've given Pingipung in the past months. We welcome 2016 with a smashing mix by DJ soFa from Bruxelles. [more]

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