Latest Record

Umeko Ando – Iuta Upopo (2017)

Iuta Upopo is a wonderful, repetitive song of the Ainu culture in the North of Japan. Umeko Ando has recorded this track with Oki Kano at the age of 70 before she passed away in 2004. 7inch & DL, release date Oct 27th 2017, preorders running now.

Podcast by Delusion Men

[06.09.2016] This month we proudly present Delusion Men from the awesome Future Nuggets label from Bucharest. Delusion Men are Ion D and Camil Dumitrescu who are also involved in a zillion other projects like Steaua De Mare, The Holy Fix, Utopus, C-Side or Raze De Soare. Future Nuggets recently launched a werid techno sublabel called P-Balans. [more]

Podcast by Olivier Gobelet

[03.08.2016] A big hug is going to Olivier Gobelet of The Magical Flying Love Lab from Leipzig for this wonderful Brazil-mix. [more]

Podcast by Jeanette Trèsbien

[05.07.2016] This month in our Podcast-series: Jeanette Trèsbien from our home base Hamburg. [more]

Podcast by Marius Georgescu

[01.06.2016] This month in our Podcast-series: Marius Georgescu from the fabulous romanian online-magazine "The Attic". [more]

Podcast by Astral Taxi

[28.04.2016] It’s another premiere! This is the first official mix by Astral Taxi from the sleeping Golden Pudel Club in Hamburg. And what a lovely one it is. [more]

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