Latest Record

Umeko Ando – Atuy So Kata (2019)

Patric Catani (aka Candie Hank, aka Ill Till) remixes "Atuy So Kata". 7'' and digital release on JAN 18 2019.

Podcast by Delusion Men

[06.09.2016] This month we proudly present Delusion Men from the awesome Future Nuggets label from Bucharest. Delusion Men are Ion D and Camil Dumitrescu who are also involved in a zillion other projects like Steaua De Mare, The Holy Fix, Utopus, C-Side or Raze De Soare. Future Nuggets recently launched a werid techno sublabel called P-Balans. [more]

Podcast by Olivier Gobelet

[03.08.2016] A big hug is going to Olivier Gobelet of The Magical Flying Love Lab from Leipzig for this wonderful Brazil-mix. [more]

Podcast by Jeanette Trèsbien

[05.07.2016] This month in our Podcast-series: Jeanette Trèsbien from our home base Hamburg. [more]

Podcast by Marius Georgescu

[01.06.2016] This month in our Podcast-series: Marius Georgescu from the fabulous romanian online-magazine "The Attic". [more]

Podcast by Astral Taxi

[28.04.2016] It’s another premiere! This is the first official mix by Astral Taxi from the sleeping Golden Pudel Club in Hamburg. And what a lovely one it is. [more]

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