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Umeko Ando â€“ Atuy So Kata (2019)

Patric Catani (aka Candie Hank, aka Ill Till) remixes "Atuy So Kata". 7'' and digital release on JAN 18 2019.

Springintgut in India

[11.10.2009] On invitation of the "Qadir Ali Baig Theatre Festival" in Hyderabad, Springintgut will travel to India with the dance performance "()else" by Victoria Hauke, premiered in Hamburg in spring 2009 [more]

Sven Kacirek: new Kenya material on its way

[01.09.2009] Sven Kacirek currently works on new tracks with musicians who he has recorded in Kenya in spring 2009. His blog is updated daily [more]

"Pudel Art Basel" Festival shows "MASKE"

[29.08.2009] The sound installation "MASKE" by Andreas Otto (Springintgut), with a punching bag, sensors and computer, will be featured on this weekend's festival at Golden Pudel Club in Hamburg. "Pudel Art Basel" is a unique festival against the gentrification of Hamburg's central district St. Pauli. [more]

Sound Installation "MASKE" at Dockville Festival

[05.08.2009] A punching bag, movement sensors and a computer make the sound installation "MASKE" by Andreas Otto (Springintgut) and Andreas Stolze which will be featured at this year's Dockville Festival in Hamburg. [more]

Goto80 remixes Icarus

[30.07.2009] No Pingipung artist has such an enormous creative output as Goto80. Our man from Sweden releases not only several albums per year, but also lots of remixes. Normally he reinterprets tracks from the chiptune scene, but lately he has been given the honor of remixing theUK electronica act Icarus. [more]

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