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Umeko Ando – Iuta Upopo (2017)

Iuta Upopo is a wonderful, repetitive song of the Ainu culture in the North of Japan. Umeko Ando has recorded this track with Oki Kano at the age of 70 before she passed away in 2004. 7inch & DL, release date Oct 27th 2017, preorders running now.

Sven Kacirek & Daniel Muhuni: EPA

[18.11.2017] On Nov 30, we will release the album "Economic Partnership Agreement" by Sven Kacirek and Daniel Muhuni. This video introduces the mode in which the album has been composed: The artists have turned interviews into music, listening to the voices of Kenyan people regarding the planned trade agreement with the EU. [more]


[02.03.2017] Every month we ask artists we love to compile music they love. [more]

Video "Dharti Cash Puke"

[18.02.2017] Andi Otto's "Dharti Cash Puke" receives a dark, dense and hyperactive video upgrade by Tim Kaiser. D$P. [more]

Podcast by Peter Power

[08.11.2016] There's one thing we can almost be sure about when putting out a new Pingipung podcast: a track list request by our avid listener Peter Power of the Voodoohop collective. This time, though, it won't be necessary since our latest podcast is contributed by himself. Now listen to this beauty! [more]

Podcast by akaak

[24.10.2016] One of the rare solo-mixes by the amazing akaak of the Sutsche-collective (Hamburg). [more]

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