In the era of portable hard drives and anonymously shared online contents everybody enjoys the free flow of culture. That's cool.

And we all know: if the music isn't superb, it will soon be worthless junk data on your computer.

But if it is really good: why buy something which you already "own", from your record dealer or an mp3-shop? This is a dilemma.

If you're visiting this site because you've noticed that some of your favourite songs that you frequently play, whether you found them on your friend's harddisk, or by seeking other souls, are coming from Pingipung... may want to show your appreciation to the people who composed and released the music.

So if you want to give something back, just go for it. Make a donation to

Along with your money transfer, feel free to give us an artist name or release title – we will allocate your money accordingly.

For any comments, please use our contact form.

We're running Pingipung because we're passionate about good music and not in order to get rich. We simply want to keep it going. It used to be easier, when selling one record would pay for the next one. Now, meeting people all around who play our music - how flattering! - but who never bought anything from us - how disappointing! - we consider donations to be an option to secure our future existence.

Thanks for your support, we love you.

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